Circle Singers

I've recently been tempted back into the studio for the first time in over a decade. 

Spring Equinox 2018 saw the release of the first Campfire Circle Singers project in its initial form, the first sighting of an evolving musical journey that started in November at Campfire Convention 002.UK at Union Chapel.

Iteration #1 a collaborative remix that has culminated in the track 'Sa Ta Na Ma' (Iteration #1), seen here in pre-release form

The track was hugely significant for me in that it was the first musical event in twelve years that made me want to go back into the studio and start creating music again.

Read the story of the track here


 Chilled By Nature


I have had the pleasure of booking and working with over 3000 artists in my 14 years at the helm of The Big Chill, including debut appearances for many formative artists.

I compose, produce and remix under the name of Chilled By Nature

The musical journey on the record decks in public started when I was first invited to DJ by Vince Power at The Mean Fiddler in 1985 and haven’t stopped enjoying playing my music to an audience, though I rarely do it these days and just for fun..

I have been a radio presenter for BBC Radio 2, BBC 6 Music, Chill and other stations...

I have enjoyed compiling many albums since The Cutting Edge at Cooking Vinyl in 1987...




Some quotes on my mixes...

'An eclectic and diverse set that has all the qualities necessary to calm the soul and make you want to pack your towels and sun cream and head for the nearest island that isn't Guernsey.' DJ

'A tour around the world in 80 minutes, all without buying a plane ticket. Now that's what we call value.' Mixmag

'A sensual selection of deep chill-out tracks for an all-star audio therapy extraganza.' Time Out

'Pete Lawrence has opted for smooth mood manipulation, removing you far from urban chaos... a cool, street-smart chillout number.' iDJ

"From outdoor festivals to club nights worldwide, The Big Chill set-up has won a lot of friends. All manner of soul, folk and jazz have been brought into creative play.....About as uplifting as downtempo gets."  Q magazine

‘This is the sound of the underground as it sprawls across a field and gets a suntan.’ i-D

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