Pete Lawrence is sparking the Campfire...

Welcome to Pete Lawrence's website. Find news about the imminent launch of Campfire Convention - his brand new social network and event. Previously, Pete is best know as conceptualist and founder of The Big Chill festival and lifestyle event (1994-2011) and the Cooking Vinyl label in the mid eighties. Pete is also a writer, journalist and DJ.



Campfire Convention

The web community launched to beta testers in summer 2016 with our first weekend event Campfire Convention 001.UK which took place in August. The second weekend event Campfire Convention 002.UK is happening over the weekend of August 4-6 2017

Please sign up to my newsletter and help spread the word. Campfire will be looking for flagbearers as we set out of what is expected to be an exciting journey. 





Since leaving The Big Chill in early 2008, Pete moved to the village of Braunston in Northamptonshire to renovate a house and write a book, soon to be published. He has principally spent his time developing a blueprint for a social network, Campfire Convention, an evolutionary platform for creative thinkers, funded and shaped by its own members, which also plans to stage a variety of Campfire gatherings. 

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