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Welcome to Pete Lawrence's website. Find news about Campfire Convention - his brand new social network and event. Previously, Pete is best know as conceptualist and founder of The Big Chill festival and lifestyle event (1994-2011) and the Cooking Vinyl label in the mid eighties. 



Campfire Convention

The web community is due for launch this spring, with our first weekend event Campfire Convention 001.UK scheduled for the UK in August. 

Please sign up to my newsletter and help spread the word. Campfire will be looking for flagbearers as we set out of what is expected to be an exciting journey. 

As we head into the uncertain waters ahead in 2016, we are only just beginning to grasp how different the playing field has become since last summer, how much more advanced we are in terms of new levels of involvement which can make a difference, in terms of new agendas, fresh ways of doing things, new perspectives in thought and deed. 

In practical terms, creating new media, new events and new opportunities that continue the process of societal change should surely be high on the agenda. In social terms, about discussing and exchange of ideas, about initiatives for mutual empowerment that leads towards change for the good of all. The future will be shaped by those with the big ideas and the means of broadcasting them in a way that engages and enraptures. It will belong to those who feel inspired and motivated by being part of a movement built on hope, a movement built on a blueprint for a fairer, more equitable world in which we all have a stake. 

What is already in motion is an evolution or a process, but equally far reaching in its potential to renew and inspire in a way that politics has not had an opportunity to do in a lifetime. I’m pretty excited to be on that journey and I hope you are too. 


Since leaving The Big Chill in early 2008, Pete moved to the village of Braunston in Northamptonshire to renovate a house and write a book, soon to be published. He has principally spent his time developing a blueprint for a social network, Campfire Convention, an evolutionary platform for creative thinkers, funded and shaped by its own members, which also plans to stage a new style of event. 

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